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We have flexible pricing for all business types!

Quick sign-up. No long-term contract. 7 day free trial.

Starter Package

$ 205 /mo
Starter Package

$ 360 /mo
Starter Package

$ 800 /mo

Package Benefits:

Why Choose Us:

Be Free From Your Desk

Missed calls lead to missed opportunities for your business. Our service allows you to focus on your business, while knowing you never miss a call.

Impress Your Callers

Our group of highly trained receptionist provide a remarkable service. We are passionate about treating your customers right.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Why pay a costly salary to a full time receptionist when you only need help during peak times. Why worry about who will answer your phone during sick days, vacation days and lunch breaks? The answer is the most reliable answer to your needs.

Easy Sign Up

With the answer, it’s easy to get started. There are no contract, nothing to install.
We are The Answer to all of your customer call-in needs. Never again will you need to worry about the pitfalls that come with having an all-automated phone system or the expense and inconsistency of having a full-time receptionist. Automated phone systems take the humanity and personal touch away from your potential customers and clients. Give us seven days to prove why we can be The Answer for your company.

You sign up for your free 7 day trial
We will gather some information from you and your company in order to prepare our receptionist to take your calls
We take your calls and book your appointments

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An initial, one-time fee of $99 establishes your company’s account with The Answer, creates your business’ specific Q&A Sheet, and other set up costs. Once we are set up to become your answering service, there are three packages to choose from, based on your expected, monthly call volume.