What We Do

Our Services

All Packages Include The Same Features:
  • Answer Your Calls

    Whatever the callers’ question, our reliable, friendly receptionists will handle it.

  • Screen Your Calls

    Let our receptionists be your gate keepers. You decide who you speak to and when you speak to them.

  • Relay Your Messages

    Reliable messages sent right to your email.

  • Book Your Appointments

    We book your appointments according to your availability. We make it convenient through our on-line calendar and email reminders.

  • Return Calls On Your Behalf

    We will return your calls and follow up on all your voicemails left after hours at no extra cost.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I have to sign a contract?
    Our service is month to month. You can cancel at any time.
    How does the sign-up process work?
    Once enrolled in our free trial, you will receive a welcome email requesting additional information in order to set up your account. Once you return that back to us, it takes about 24 hours to build your account profile and train our receptionists to handle your call. After one week, we will transition you to the most appropriate plan based on your call volume.
    How will I receive my messages?
    You will receive your messages via email.
    Who will answer my calls?
    Depending on the plan, most clients are assigned 2-3 dedicated receptionists.
    Can I forward my existing number to The Answer?
    Yes. You can forward some or all of your calls to The Answer or you can use the phone number we assign you.
    When can I start using it and how long does it take to set up?
    After we receive your client profile, we can have your account ready in as little as 24 hours.
    Do you give me a number and is it exclusive to me?
    Yes you will be assigned a number and it is unique to you. You can have up to 3 phone numbers per account.
    Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?
    Yes. You can change your account at anytime.
    How do I pay for the service?
    The service is paid by credit card that is automatically debited each month.
    What kinds of client do you cater to?
    We cater to all types of businesses from lawyers to plumber, from Realtors to tax preparers.
    If one of our clients asks a question, are you able to answer it?
    Yes. Our receptionists will handle general questions. 
    Can we have multiple staff configured on our account, with their own messaging preferences?

    Our Awesome Clients… Just To Name A Few

    Real Estate Agents
    Financial Professionals
    Marketing Professionals
    Business Consultants
    Virtual Offices
    IT Professionals
    Service Professionals (plumbers, pest control, etc.)